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Indian Fake Reality Shows Exposed - @SAGOPAL

Indian Fake Reality Shows Exposed - @SAGOPAL

 India is a huge country with numerous kinds of Reality shows, some are very serious and dedicated to great work, some are purely based on business proposals and to run the entertainment industry here. If you're lucky, you might find some which have elements of both.

 " Indian Fake Reality Shows Exposed - @SAGOPAL"

 To answer your question if reality shows are fake in India, you need to understand that the possibility of them all being real or of them all being fake is very small. " Indian Fake Reality Shows Exposed - @SAGOPAL" Well I will share my experience as a contestant of a reality show,and I leave it upto you to decide the answer to this question. To give you some idea about my background, I have recently completed my engineering degree, and I am also a passionate drummer, percussionist and a didgeridoo player. I live in Nagpur, a great city in the state of Maharashtra . During the auditions of the reality show I participated in, I played the didgeridoo with drums. After clearing two rounds in Nagpur of a Marathi Reality show 'Sangeet Samrat' by Zee Yuva, (a musical talent hunt program,which is being aired from 26th June on Zee Yuva). I got selected for the studio round of the show which was in Filmistan Studio Goregaon West, Mumbai. Though I could not clear the studio round, the experience was a really unique one, because I got to see a lot of 'behind the curtains' stuff. Well now lets talk about the strange things that I witnessed there, 

1.The part of the Set which is usually used to shoot, is very well maintained and kept beautiful. Almost every other place (where the cameras don't happen to roll) is very poorly maintained.

 2.Few contestants are purposely brought up to the studio round for the purpose of getting entertaining footage, they lack the talent required for the show yet they were intentionally cleared through the previous rounds.

 3. There was no actual 'audience' sitting (mostly portrayed in Regional and National talent shows) but their own crew members sitting out there, as the auditions took place. When the show which is being aired on TV now,the Audience is shown cheering to the performances, which means that the audience clips were actually added after the performances.

 4. After the performance there is almost a pin drop silence, no clapping or cheering of any sorts, the sounds of laughter, clapping, enjoyment, cheering etc are added afterwards.

 5. After the performance, Judges do not speak up at all for about 15-30 seconds meanwhile listening to instructions given by the directors (through in-ear microphones which aren’t easily visible when you watch the show on TV, so it's completely confidential between the two parties), then they reveal their judgements of the performance.

6. After the performance they took me outside the set and their crew told me that they will shoot a pre performance and post performance video, I was told to act like i am excited for my performance and I was given a script, telling me to say that I am excited and I am thankful to their channel for giving this opportunity as I am a Punjabi and their show is a Marathi show. (I belong to Punjab, but born and brought up in Nagpur).

 7. Then after the pre performance video was shot, they told me to do the post performance video in which I had to act sad as I wasn't selected and again given some script to follow. Yes, as you might have seen on TV and learnt from the internet so far, all Indian reality shows are fake and scripted. Firstly, Indian reality shows are generally copied from the foreign shows . You would hardly find any reality shows to be true. They can do anything for " TRP, TRP and TRP". Let's have some look at them 

1. Kaun Banega Crorepati - Arguably, the personality of Amitabh Bachchan overshadows so many things but there are some discrepancies in the show. Amitabh also favours the participant when the answer is wrong as seen in the episodes. Also, celebrities easily winning 1-2 crores rupees is hardly believable where even scholars find it difficult to perform.

 2.Indian Idol - You will get to compete only if you're a student of their music academy. Yes, they have academy.If you're not the member, you will have to pay them a fee every week till you're competing. Most of the stories of the contestants are fake as they are fabricated to bring TRP. If you had been a participant in it for first stage, it is not celebrity judge who takes your audition. A person takes audition for 3 seconds and they allow you for celebrity audition. 3 sec to judge whether you are a good singer or not. ☆ About-Indian Idol " Indian Idol " English Reality Show कि Copy हे यह बात शायद कम ही लोग जानते होंगे । यह Show 2004 मे Sony Tv ने शरु किया था ।

 3.Bigg Boss - Bigg Boss, as per so many claims, is scripted. When the participants are not shooting, they are watching TV, surfing Facebook and what not. They make up the fights to create interest in audience. The winner is decided even before they start Shooting the first episode. More controversy, more the TRP. This is the basic rule of any reality shows By @SAGOPAL " Indian Fake Reality Shows Exposed - @SAGOPAL"



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